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History of Nagle Vidhya Bhavan

Nagle Vidhya Bhavan is a school run by the sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (P.B.V.M).

If I could be of service in saving souls in any part of the world I would willingly do all in my power - Nano Nagle

Following and trusting in the vision and mission of our founder Venerable Nano Nagle, The Presentation Sisters established their community at Kanjoor on 3rd September 1994 and a Nursery section of LKG was opened on 19th June 1995 and the following year 1996 it was upgraded to UKG. Thus our little Nursery school was named after our founder Nagle Preparatory School.

Inspired by the Vision statement of Presentation Schools doing Justice in the way of Jesus and following the example of Nano Nagle who believed Education of the centre for all formation the sisters decided to upgrade to primary level in June 2008 with the name Nagle Vidhya Bhavan following CBSE syllabus and then slowly raised to Upper Primary in the year 2014-15.

Nagle Vidhya Bhavan is a center of Formation by enabling each child to become aware of the dignity and value of each person and to share the Christian vision of life with others. We do facilitate the growth of all section of the school community, providing all students with education for life and living.

We teach children to take care of the poor and the underprivileged along with the promotion of appreciation of the plurality of our rich culture. Following the school motto For faith and morals. Children are taught to cherish the values like honesty, Truthfulness, Humanity, Justice and Love and Respect to God, one another and nature