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Presentation Education Policy

In the spirit of our founder, Venerable Nano Nagle, the task of the Presentation School today is to accompany the students to discover the light within themselves and share it with others, to aim at academic excellence, to enable them to be God-Centered, other person-oriented and eco-sensitive, to enable them to be responsible citizens of the country and play their unique role in the transformation of society.



  • To provide holistic Education and an all-round development of the students following the example of Nano Nagle our Founder.
  • To instill the values of tolerance, respect, patriotism, integrity and compassion among the staff and students.
  • To provide for intellectual experimentation and creative innovation.
  • To encourage constructive use of media in our endeavor to make education relevant to our time.
  • To devise appropriate co-curricular activities to mould the skills of the students.
  • To form the students to be agents of social cohesion and transformation
  • To provide quality education in order to empower them to build family, community and society.
  • To inculcate respect for nature and environment and to encourage sustainable living and care for  Mother Earth


Life of Venerable Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle the founder of the Presentation Sisters, and pioneer of Catholic Education in Ireland was born at Country Cork, Ireland in 1718.Born into a wealthy Catholic family, Nano Nagle had the advantage of a Catholic Education in Ireland and in France. She was also assured of a comfortable future. But Nano heard the call of God in the cry of the poor, condemned as they were to ignorance, superstition and loss of faith. Conscious of her own weakness, she resisted the call but, after much suffering and heart-searching, Nano responded having discovered the why of her life.

Nano believed that education was a powerful means of transforming society and despite great personal and family risk she began her mission among the poor in the “Little Schools” in Cove Lane, Cork, Ireland. Besides the 3 R’ s taught in her schools, a strong and informed religious faith was seen as the real means to happiness and contentment. To ensure the continuation of her work she founded the Presentation Sisters in 1775.